F40 – 2023 Legacy Tour Gallery

The first Ferrari Legacy Tour finished on September 30, 2023 after an epic three-day journey on some of Italy’s finest roads. These exclusive new events are for owners of the most famous of all Ferraris. The first was dedicated to the F40, one of the Prancing Horses most celebrated models and, in the opinion of some, the most exciting Ferrari ever made. 

Launched in 1987, the F40 was Ferrari’s second limited-edition supercar after the 288 GTO. Its pioneering body was all-composite, it was stunningly styled (by Pininfarina), it was the first production road car to exceed 200 mph (320 km/h) and, just as important, the F40 was the last road car personally signed off by Enzo Ferrari (who died in 1988).

So, there was much to celebrate as the contestants, from around the world, gathered on September 27 in the exclusive Augustus Hotel & Resort in the Tuscan seaside town of Forte dei Marmi. The setting is spectacular. In front there is the Tyrrhenian Sea, behind, the Apuan Alps.

After a technical briefing and welcome dinner, contestants set off the next day – in superb Tuscan sunshine – to the charming town of San Miniato, between Pisa and Florence, where route books were stamped (as they were at all major stops).

Then winding Tuscan roads saw the convoy of F40s journey to Capannori, just outside Lucca. Here, they lunched at Villa Mansi, an elegant 17th residence with paintings and frescoes by Stefano Tofanelli, the Lucca-based neoclassical master. The Prancing Horses then journeyed through historic Lucca, as residents marvelled at the long line of high-speed Ferraris gently (if noisily) navigating the narrow medieval streets.

The first day of driving finished back at Forte dei Marmi, via a coffee break at Pietrasanta – ‘the city of marble’ – and a spectacular car display in its historic Piazza del Duomo.

The first day’s driving, of 188 km, was confined to Tuscany. Day two (159 km) saw the F40 owners head north-east, over the Apennines, towards Ferrari’s home at Maranello. The Apennines is steeped in Ferrari folklore. Over these challenging mountain passes, heroic drivers such as Ascari and Taruffi piloted Ferrari sports racers to victories in the famous Mille Miglia road race. The Apennines are still used by Ferrari test drivers, evaluating and honing the latest cars.

Once at Maranello, the F40s grouped at the Piazza Libertà. Again, what a sight that was! About thirty of the most coveted of Ferraris gathered in the main square of Ferrari’s hometown, before heading onto the factory nearby, where they were welcomed by Ferrari Vice-Chairman Piero Ferrari.

There are some wonderful driving roads around Maranello and on day three (209 km), contestants enjoyed some of the best. Again, these are roads much used by Ferrari test drivers. The Prancing Horses finally came to rest at the Tenuta Venturini Baldini winery, an award-winning producer of Lambrusco and spumante. Then the engines fired up again and it was on to Modena, and a memorable display in the Piazza Roma.

The driving programme ended in the best possible way: at the Fiorano circuit, where Ferrari racing legends and test drivers have been developing F1 and road cars since the ‘70s.

Ferrari’s first Legacy tour finished with a gala dinner at Esperienza Ferrari, in what was a tribute to the Prancing Horse, the F40 and its passionate owners.

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